Safety Trainer Job Opening: SC OSHA

Safety Trainer: OSHA Department of LL & R


This is an OSHA Safety Trainer job posting in SC.  Click Here for Details.  It is a great opportunity.

Designs, researches, prepares, and instructs occupational safety and health programs and presentations for all types of industries in South Carolina.  Conducts classes and presents training presentations in occupational safety and health education for private sector, public sector, civic groups, and trade associations through onsite training and regional training events.  Prepares and instructs occupational safety and health training programs for division personnel, OSHA consultants, and industrial hygienists using OSHA standards, Information Memorandums, Program Directives, Sampling Equipment, Lab use, Center for Disease Control, and other general safety concerns.  Provides safety and health training to satisfy legal agreements.   Designs visual presentation by using Power Point Applications and utilizing compatible digital projectors during presentations; writes site specific scripts for programs and presentations for target audience; utilizes state of the art training methods and stays abreast of training methodology.  Provides input to the office administrator in the development of complex and technical safety and health issues to achieve the goals of the overall strategic plan of the agency.  Develops outreach materials for businesses and industries throughout South Carolina to promote and enhance services provided by OVP.  Team members also market OVP through public speaking engagements for associations, businesses and conferences throughout South Carolina.  Creates alliance/partnerships with associations, state and federal agencies to provide distance learning.  Advises employers/employees both onsite and by phone of services provided by OVP and LLR.  Participates in continuing education and in-service training programs, seminars and conferences.  Participates on committees to administer special projects to enhance the goals and objectives of the Division of Labor.

Being a Safety Trainer with OSHA is a great opportunity.

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