Helping Clients Develop Leaders Through Safety Leadership Training

Peak Safety Performance can customize your safety leadership development with a series of workshops and executive forums. We can help you develop a Safety Fundamentals class and an Advanced Safety Leadership training class that speaks to your target audience. Our safety leadership training options include:


Putting Principle to Practice  Manager Leadership Training

Learn how to build your safety management system.



This is the first step to become a Principle to Practice Practitioner.  It is designed to help clients know how to create a framework for leading safety.  The management system is built on proven principles and practices that deliver positive safety results.  Success relies on action, engagement, and accountability in 5 critical areas. David G. Lynn’s book, Principle to Practice, outlines the approach.


  1.  Management Commitment & Visibility
  2. Employee Involvement & Engagement
  3. Work-site Analysis
  4. Training & Communication
  5. Hazard Prevention & Control


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Safety Leadership Training – Supervisor Tools & Techniques:

We Teach Supervisors How to Prevent Injuries.



We have a safety leadership workshop that will help your supervisors manage safety.  We customize the packages to meet every client’s needs.

It is important to teach supervisors the skills required to lead safety. This training is a collection of topics that share why safety is important. Modules also communicate safety roles and responsibilities along with practical tools a supervisor can use to lead safety efforts with their teams.

At the end of the course, participants will better understand their personal impact on safety performance.  The class will also provide practical examples of tools and techniques they can use to prevent injuries.


  1. The Benefits of Safety Culture & Character
  2. Why Safety is Important
  3. What Causes Accidents
  4. Roles and Responsibilities
  5. SAFE Step Principles
  6. Pre-plan Your Work
  7. Hazard Identification
  8. Training & Communication
  9. Mentoring & Coaching
  10. Approaching Others


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Risk Perception: Why do we take chances?

Learn risk perception tools & techniques that influence your safe decisions:

Our Risk Perception course introduces participants to safety leadership tools that can be used to help minimize risk and avoid errors. This simple approach will help clients build a successful safety culture.

Everyone perceives and accepts risk in a different way. The dynamics of how we make decisions is complex and our ability to perceive danger is one of the first steps to prevent injuries. What is the right level of risk perception and better yet, how do you teach people to recognize and respect hazards?

The goal for the Risk Perception Workshop is to teach participants how to make their biggest impact on safety performance with risk perception safety leadership tools and techniques.  

The content will be based on proven safety principles that build an exceptional safety culture. 


  1.  Top 10 Reasons We All Take Chances
  2. Individual Tools & Techniques to Avoid Risk
  3. Safety Leadership Tools & Techniques


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Make Safety Contagious

 Learn how and why safety initiatives catch on.  Based on Jonah Berger’s book.



Learn 6 keys to help make your safety message viral. There are six components that make a message, initiative, or product contagious in Jonah Berger’s book, Contagious; why things catch on. Each component is a missing link to many safety communication campaigns. You can differentiate your safety culture if you learn and apply these practical applications for getting people excited about your safety culture.

Class agenda will include topics such as:

  1. Social Currency
  2. The power of emotion.
  3. How to create triggers.
  4. Make your message public.
  5. Highlight the practical value.
  6. Tell a story.