Leadership: 10 Ways to Become a Great Leader


Exceptional Safety Performance Starts with a Great Leader!

10 Ways to Become a Great Leader was Launched in April 2016 by D. Caleb Lynn, a young entrepreneur and college student.  The ebook describes proven principles that elevate your leadership capabilities in any setting.  10 Ways to Become a Great Leader is available on Amazon.com for $2.99.

Caleb's Book

Some people possess a natural tendency to lead. They are born leaders and they are likely to excel in any organization. These traits help motivated individuals build strong safety cultures.

Not everyone is born with the skills to be a great leader.  But, everyone can develop traits that will help them influence people in a positive way.  Positive influence in the safety field can help you build a strong safety culture.  This book gives you 10 traits that you can develop in your leadership style.  You can apply them in any setting and learn to influence people in a positive way.

Continue your personal leadership development by adding 10 Ways to Become a Great Leader to your library.  Each step you take towards building your leadership skills will help you influence the people around you.  Safety programs rely on people that can lead.  You can be that person with the right skills.  You can make a difference.

This new book was Launched by D. Caleb Lynn in April 2016. Lynn is a young entrepreneur and college student with a desire to share what he has learned about leadership. Lynn anticipates immediate interest in the 10 Ways to Become a Great Leader because every organization needs leaders to excel.  Lynn has witnessed how leadership makes the difference in an organizations success.

The ebook is available on www.amazon.com.

For more information, on how to apply basic safety leadership principles in your safety program, visit www.peaksafetyperformance.com.