CONTEXT Root Cause Analysis

A Systematic Approach:


The CONTEXT class is for Safety Managers, Plant Managers, and Project Managers that want sustainable corrective action after an event happens. 


A CONTEXT Root Cause Analysis process will focus on influencing the future rather than punishing the past.


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Root Cause Analysis

This is a root cause problem solving class that helps participants evaluate the events that lead to injuries and negative trends.  Participants learn to collect facts that identify the context of an event so that they will be able eliminate errors that lead to injuries.  The goal is to teach participants how to influence the future rather than punish the past.  The CONTEXT Root Cause Analysis class is just one development opportunity in a library of Peak Safety Performance leadership classes.



  1. Introduction to Event Analysis
  2. Reverse Engineer the Cause
  3. Collect the Facts
  4. Analyze the Context
  5. Learn to Influence the Future






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