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The Power of Structure – The Strategic Safety Plan

PSJ | David G. Lynn, CSP | March 2019

I love football season. Stadium lights and freshly cut grass in the fall make me think about football. Growing
up, my friends and I participated in organized leagues and we played in the backyard. No matter which venue,
our competitive nature was evident in both settings.


Walk the Walk

The Leader | David G. Lynn, CSP

Put your passion for safety into practice with visible commitment. The secret to building a winning culture begins with you! When individuals model a passion and conviction to achieve zero injuries, organizations excel in safety. No matter where you fit into an organizational chart, you influence those around you, and this translates to a winning culture.


Safety Leadership Training (9 Safe Habit Tools)

PSJ | David G. Lynn, CSP | January 2020

Does your company put people in roles with inadequate preparation to lead safety? Sometimes great
employees are promoted to a supervisor role, then struggle to lead the safety aspect of the job. They may
understand the technical nature of the supervisor role but not know how to lead people to work safely.


Incident Investigation; 4 Critical Stages

PSJ | David G. Lynn, CSP | September 2014

When I was an OSHA compliance officer, I performed several fatality investigations. One of my early investigations involved a fatality in a grain silo. The silo’s bottom part had an auger that transported corn. The corn had formed a crust over the auger and prevented the flow of corn. Two teenage cousins entered the silo to shovel the corn to another opening in the side of the silo. They had to walk on top of the 15-ft pile of corn to do so.


CONTEXT Root Cause Analysis

PSJ | David G. Lynn, CSP | August 2018

I know what it is like to get injured on the job. When I was 18 years old, I worked as summer help for a small
contractor in industrial environments. I did what I was told. During this particular summer, we worked at a
textile mill in South Carolina and my supervisor asked me to move some platform grating from inside the plant
to the back of it.


Prevention Begins with a Conversation

Without management commitment to safety, a company cannot achieve best-in-class results.
EHS Today | David G. Lynn, CSP | Jan 15, 2019

Have you ever asked the question, “What else can I do to improve our safety culture?” The answer may be in your next conversation. One of the most common safety weaknesses I see in organizations is a lack of management engagement with employees. As a general rule, leaders support safety wholeheartedly from behind a computer but they fail to gain the value of personal interaction with employees in a safety context. The result is that workers develop a lack of trust and frustration in management’s commitment to safety. At the same time we ask, “What else can I do?” The remarkable solution is that we need to talk to people.


Seven on Seven Behavior Modification

“Employees could see and hear lockout in their dreams!”

Change does not happen overnight. Several years ago, I conducted a series of annual lockout/tagout training classes for a previous employer. We reviewed our requirements in detail and the expectations to follow our lockout procedures were clear. One week after the training concluded, an employee that attended one of the classes injured himself because he bypassed our


Setting Your Sights on Results-Based Safety Leadership

Jul. 9, 2012 – Most corporations claim to have safety as a value, but few companies deliver world-class safety performance. When I worked with OSHA as a compliance officer, company representatives would share what they “believed” about safety. I heard common values such as “Safety is a condition of employment.”…


Making a Hands-On Connection

Oct. 13, 2014 – Every scar on your hand has a story. The key to improving workplace hand safety is helping others see and feel the same lesson that you learned from your hand injury – without the pain…


Safety 2014: Zero Excuses for Workplace Hand Injuries

Jun. 16, 2014 – Hand injuries – like the vast majority of workplace injuries – are preventable. Still, year after year, hand injuries are among the leading causes of missed workdays and emergency-room visits, costing employers millions of dollars in workers’ compensation costs and lost productivity…


Old School versus the New Generation — Technology Transforms Safety

Mar. 14, 2014 – My teenage kids think I worked in the dark ages when I started my career in the early 1990s, and when I look back on how technology has changed the work environment, I have to agree. How did we function…


Managing Safety: Three Steps to Build Character in Safety

Oct. 28, 2011 – Every wrong choice is preceded by a series of unwise choices.” – Andy Stanley, from his book, The Best Question Ever…


Principle-to-Practice Safety Transformation

May 27, 2015 – Trying to change a safety culture from bad to good is like trying to break a bad habit. No matter how much you know you need to end that habit, you can’t escape the draw it has on your behavior…