Safety Staffing and Recruiting

Our onsite safety staffing services provide experienced and credentialed safety professionals that have worked in a variety of settings.  We provide safety professionals that lead workplace safety audits, training, and consultation

We can support your safety staff or we can provide a team of safety professionals to lead workplace safety initiatives.  We offer both temporary and long-term safety staffing solutions.  We draw from an extensive network of safety professionals and we respond to immediate onsite safety needs. 

With have served small and large-scale projects in manufacturing and construction environments.

Short-Term Staff 

We fill the gaps with dedicated safety professionals. We can provide temporary and long-term solutions.  Our resources include safety directors, managers, supervisors, and technician-level professionals.

Our on-site services include safety audits, training, and general safety consulting.  

Direct Hire 

We connect the dots with clients and safety professionals.  If you need a full-time safety professional, we can locate a resource for direct hire.  We have a network of over 9000 safety professionals.  We can perform searches in a targetted market or we can blanket a broader safety community.

The bottom line is that we are your “Go-To” safety consultant. Our resources include safety directors, managers, supervisors, and technician-level professionals.


General Safety Services

Safety Representative Identify and correct un-safe actions
Ensure proper use of PPE Serve as Competent Person
Conduct Compliance Audits Manage subcontractor safety representatives
Conduct Safety Meetings Run weekly safety meetings
Provide OSHA record keeping Participate in management meetings
Equipment inspections Perform Accident Investigations
Prepare Job Hazard Analysis Develop Site Safety Program
Write Permits Develop Site Orientation Training
Provide First Aid treatment Conduct Safety Training


Owners Representative Program

An Owner’s Representative Program can help you administer three critical phases of contractor safety management. An Owner’s Representative for the Client is someone who can act on the behalf of the client to lead safety with contractors.  We provide a safety staff that can help you.
The Owner’s Rep can help lead critical processes such as:
1.     Initial Contractor Safety Qualifications
If you award work to contractors with a questionable safety record, you put your company at risk. Past history is a good indicator of future performance.  Based on that principle, it is imperative that companies have a robust safety pre-qualification process for contractors. Review each contractor’s safety performance and measure them by your standards. Disqualify contractors who do not meet your expectations.
2.     Contractor Safety Alignment
Do not assume contractors understand your safety culture and expectations. Provide contractors with all of the appropriate rules, procedures, and policies. You can even provide sample tools such as a Principle to Practice Safety Execution Plan book. Do anything you can to help set the contractor up for success. Then meet with them face-to-face so that you can review your expectations. This is an opportunity to establish a working relationship, and clarify any confusion. When clients do not align with contractors, you will hear contractors make comments such as, “If I had known that was what you meant, I would have bid the job differently!” Alignment helps everyone know what you mean, and you should be sure to document the process to avoid future selective memory.
3.     Contractor Safety Performance Measurement & Monitoring
You cannot improve what you do not measure. One of the top three ways to have a positive impact on safety is to audit your processes and score the performance. You can provide simple tools like the Principle to Practice Safety Walkthrough Guide to help monitor compliance with regulations. The principle also helps a client coach contractors who perform work on their property. If you measure contractor safety performance with a consistent scorecard, the process serves as an extenuation of the alignment phase. Scored audits provide a “hands-on” approach that will show contractors what the client expects. Companies should track progress and hold the contractor management team responsible for improvement.
These critical phases apply to both large and small projects, and they take time and commitment. A third-party Owner’s Representative for the Client can help bridge the gap between your normal safety responsibilities and construction activity on an active plant site.
Peak Safety Performance can serve as your “Owner’s Representative” We staff professionals who lead processes for contractor selection, alignment, and monitoring. Peak Safety representatives can audit, train, and consult clients on their contracting safety struggles. They share your burden and minimize your stress.
Do not let construction activities distract you. Great companies know how to manufacture exceptional products in a safe work environment. Success takes focus and commitment. Do not let the dynamic nature of a capital project distract you from your mission to make a product without hurting your workforce. You can achieve success in both environments if you plan for success. Incorporate a Safety Owner’s Representative into your expansion budget, and let them facilitate the qualification, alignment, and monitoring phases of the job. The Rep can bridge the gap between your normal safety responsibilities and construction activity so that you can sleep better at night.