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Strategic Safety Plan

Overview: Strategic Safety Plan

You have to have a plan to succeed and this book outlines a strategy that any company can use to build an exceptional safety culture. The book highlights fundamental safety and health principles, and it offers options companies can use to execute them. This plan is divided into five sections that highlight OSHA’s safety and health management principles for achieving VPP Star status. Each section will describe the value of the principle and then offer three techniques you can use to implement the principle.

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Safety Transformation Workshop Training Package

Overview: Safety Transformation Workshop Training Package

This package provides the materials for the Safety Transformation Workshop. The package includes 1 Principle to Practice Book and 1 Safety Transformation Workbook.

Safety Transformation Workshop Course Description: This class is designed for leaders and organizations that want to change and improve their safety culture. The class teaches participants to use proven change principles to apply safety techniques that drive exceptional safety performance. At the end of the workshop, participants will have put together a personal strategic improvement plan designed to help their organization build a strong safety culture. The class transforms good leaders to GREAT leaders that are focused on what counts.

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HANDS ON Safety Champion Program

Overview: HANDS ON Safety Champion Program

The HANDS ON Safety Champion Program is a focused approach to reduce hand injuries. The HANDS ON Program uses a 360 degree employee mentoring process to identify specific risks to the hands. The process gets employees involved with observing, coaching, and mentoring other employees on hand safety. The pocket guide has a template defining the process and it has 10 different focused hand safety surveys.

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Safety Champion Program

Overview: Safety Champion Program

This tool is a mentoring process that identifies natural leaders in the workplace. The process gives these natural leaders the responsibility to focus on safety in their work area while they still perform their assigned duties. Safety Champions become an advocate for safety and they monitor safe behavior and conditions with simple checklist. They provide a positive peer-to-peer influence with other employees. It is a great tool to get people involved with your safety program!

Safety audit and root cause analysis

How 2: Conduct A Root Cause Analysis

Overview: Root Cause Training Package

This package provides the materials for the How 2: Conduct a Root Cause Analysis class. The package includes 1 Principle to Practice Book, 1 Root Cause Analysis Training Presentation Book, and 1 Root Cause Analysis Workbook. Please contact David Lynn for information on arranging the class.
How 2: Conduct a Root Cause Analysis – Course Description:This class will place you in a select group of professionals that do more than check the boxes on an accident investigation form. You will learn how to collect and analyze information that will help you prevent future accidents.  The class takes a tactical approach to solving problems that result in an injury.  The analysis tool prompts an investigator to evaluate the conditions and behaviors that contribute to each step leading to an incident. The process generates data that you can trend and identify causes as well as specific defense failures. With the data, you can develop sustainable corrective actions.

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Root Cause Analysis Workbook

Overview: The Principle to Practice Root Cause Analysis Workbook

This is a working tool used to collect your investigation notes and organize them so that you can evaluate the information. The process helps a user ask the right questions and put them in a context that will identify the root cause.

The book is based on techniques David Lynn learned working for OSHA, Duracell, Owens Corning, and Fluor.  It takes a practical hands on approach to conducting an investigation.

The book includes: A Sample Procedure, Investigation Questions, Event Analysis Tools, Root Cause Samples, and Corrective Action Log.

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Safety Walkthrough Guide

Overview: The Safety Walkthrough Guide

This is a pocket size book with safety checklist. You can carry it with you whenever you conduct a Safety Walkthrough. It allows you to carry answers in your back pocket.  The book is not an all-inclusive list of OSHA regulations and requirements but it does provide an abbreviated list of items to look for during an audit.


Safety Talking Points

Overview: This Principle to Practice Safety Talking Points

This book gives you the quick and easy content for communicating a Safety Topic. Supervisors can carry the topics in their back pocket and use them on a daily basis to raise safety awareness.  Each topic takes less than 5 minutes to present.


You can also use the tool to deliver a Safety Topic before every meeting. The consistent commitment to communicate safety will establish a cultural icon within your company. The process tells employees that safety is important!

Principle To Practice

Overview: Principle to Practice

This is a book that inspires change and delivers improvement. The content of the book is based on David Lynn’s experience working with high performance safety cultures.  The strategic principles in the book are a roadmap to build or enhance a culture that believes you can work injury-free.

Principle To Practice Value Package

Overview: Principle to Practice Value Package

Build a Principle to Practice Safety Took kit with the purchase of the Value Package.  The package includes:

  • 1 Principle to Practice book,
  • 1 Strategic Safety Plan book,
  • 1 Safety Champion Program,
  • 1 Safety Talking Points,
  • 1 Safety Walkthrough Guide,
  • 1 Root Cause Analysis Workbook.

The Principle to Practice series is designed to help you deliver improvement with sound principles and easy to use tools. The strategic principles and tools are a roadmap to build or enhance a culture that believes you can work injury-free.

22- Ways-That-Will-Make-You-A-Champion-For-Safety-Book-safety-audit

22 Ways That Will Make You A Champion For Safety

Overview: 22 Ways That Will Make You A Champion for Safety

Add David Lynn’s first publication to your library.  In the book you will get 22 ideas for how to improve your personal approach to safety.  You will think beyond the rules and regulations, and focus on what lies beneath the surface of successful safety cultures. You will answer questions that test your sense of safety values in the following areas; character, people, preparation, openness, and visibility. When you have completed this easy read, you will have a renewed sense of commitment, direction, and purpose with safety.