Our Mission

We want to help our clients take their next steps in building a successful safety culture.

Our Values

We are performance minded and character driven, desiring to achieve success through client partnerships. We are driven by seven values which dictate how we make decisions and interact with our customers:

  1. Stay Grounded
    We believe that faith influences our decisions both at home and at work. We strive to stay grounded in our Christian roots, which ultimately governs the way we do business.
  2. Maintain Balance
    There is no success in business worth failure at home. We work hard to balance both work and family expectations.
  3. Finish First
    People remember who finishes first. We strive to be the first to learn, first to achieve, first to respond, first to act, and first to remain humble in the process.
  4. Over Deliver
    We want to meet and exceed all client expectations through every service we provide.
  5. Focus on Strengths
    We want to be great at a few things rather than average in many things.
  6. Do What You Can, When You Can
    We want to check it off the list as soon as possible and gain momentum with progress.
  7. Enjoy The Trip as Much as The Destination
    We love the work involved with achievement just as much as the reward itself.

Our Roots

Peak Safety Performance has roots in multiple safety settings.  The owner and President, David Lynn, has worked for OSHA, Duracell, Owens Corning, and Fluor.  His work history provides experience in a regulatory environment, as well as manufacturing and construction.  This exposure to different industries and unique clients within each setting provides a broad perspective for problem solving.  Each culture requires a unique approach and we have the diversity to match the right solution with the right organization.

Our Approach

Our approach is simple and intentional; we plan strategically, develop leaders, and deliver projects.  We all have a different starting point in our journey towards safety success.  Our mission is to help you take your next step by:

Creating a Strategic Plan
You need a plan to succeed, and we help you outline a strategy that your company can use to build an exceptional safety culture. We use proven principles and practices that help you introduce and execute a strategy. 

Developing Leaders
We develop leaders that understand how safety character, mentality, and focus impacts safety performance. With a better understanding of each one of these elements, leaders yield the positive results the right way. 

Delivering Successful Results
We specialize in project delivery.  We can take your “Strategic Plan” or “Special Initiative” and make it a reality by facilitating the process.  Let us help lead the way.

Why Hire Peak Safety Performance?

We have faced the same challenges.

The Owner and President, David Lynn, has worked in the field and in the corporate office. Through the years, he has experienced many of the same challenges that you have. His “boots on the ground” experience gives him a real time perspective for solving problems. You are not alone when you hire Peak Safety Performance.

We help you take your next step.

No matter where you are in your safety maturity, we can help you take your next step.  We have the resources to provide training and consultation on a wide variety of safety topics. Our subject matter experts and alliance partners provide a depth to our support.  We have been there before and have solved the same problems.