Principle To Practice Video

Overview: Principle to Practice Video

This video shares five basic safety principles that must be part of any successful safety program: management commitment, employee involvement, worksite analysis, hazard recognition and employee training. These concepts are also the key components of OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program. In this live presentation, safety professional and motivational speaker David Lynn discusses 15 real-world, successful techniques that can be used to put these five safety principles into practice. Designed as an awareness level program for safety leaders and managers, the program will help viewers change safety attitudes and culture at their organizations.

On the Safe Side

Safety Characteristics that Create Great Safety Leaders

  Safety leadership is more than overseeing the general day-to-day of your organization’s safety program. Leading is about influencing employees and colleagues to meet the…

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Owner’s Safety Representative

  When I worked at Duracell, we went through an aggressive growth phase. I was the sole Safety Engineer at our plant where we manufactured AA…

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