Risk Perception

Learn risk perception tools & techniques that influence your safe decisions:

Risk Perception: Why do we take chances?

Our Risk Perception course introduces participants to safety leadership tools that can be used to help minimize risk and avoid errors. This simple approach will help clients build a successful safety culture.

Everyone perceives and accepts risk in a different way. The dynamics of how we make decisions is complex and our ability to perceive danger is one of the first steps to prevent injuries. What is the right level of risk perception and better yet, how do you teach people to recognize and respect hazards?

The goal for the Risk Perception Workshop is to teach participants how to make their biggest impact on safety performance with risk perception safety leadership tools and techniques.  

The content will be based on proven safety principles that build an exceptional safety culture. 


  1.  Top 10 Reasons We All Take Chances
  2. Individual Tools & Techniques to Avoid Risk
  3. Safety Leadership Tools & Techniques









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