Make Safety Contagious

Contagious: Why Things Catch OnMake safety contagious.  The following table is based on Jonah Berger’s book Contagious: Why things catch on.  The book is a marketing book that describes how and why things become viral.  What if you use the same principles to make your safety message contagious?  Craft every communication you create with these 6 principles in mind.  It will help people remember what you want them to know.

Messages stick in our minds for a reason.  Good safety awareness teams know how to harness human nature to make safety communications “sticky”.  Peak Safety Performance can help you craft a communication plan with the following 6 principles in mind.  We can help your promote your next campaign.


6 Ways to Make Safety Contagious


Questions to Consider

Create social currency. We share things that make us look good. Does talking about your product or idea make people look good?
Can you find the inner remarkability?
Leverage game mechanics?
Make people feel like insiders?
Strategically plant triggers within your messages. Top of mind, tip of tongue. Consider the context.
What cues make people think about your product or service?
How can you make it come to mind more often?
Tap into emotion. When we care, we share. Focus on feeling.
Does talking about your product or idea generate emotion?
How can you kindle the fire?
Make it public. Built to show, built to grow. Does your product or idea advertise itself?
Can people see when others are using it?
How can you make the private public?
Can you create behavioral residue that sticks around?
Promote the practical value. News you can use. Does talking about your product help people help others?
How can you highlight incredible value?
Can you package your knowledge into useful info others will disseminate?
People remember the story. Information travels under the guise of idle chatter. What is your Trojan Horse?
Is your product embedded in a broader narrative people want to share?
Is the story viral and valuable?