Principle to Practice Leadership Books Available

Proven Safety Topics and Leadership Principles; The Book Principle to Practice Was released by David G. Lynn, CSP.  It  Outlines How Organizations Achieve Success in Safety.

Re-launched by David G. Lynn, CSP February 2016, Principle to Practice is a safety leadership book that is based on OSHA’s proven Voluntary Protection Program principles. It is available at
Peak Safety Performance can provide qualified instructors to help teach the principles on the video. Principle to Practice is a fundamental safety leadership book that every manager should read. In the book, David Lynn teaches readers how to utilize critical safety principles with fundamental techniques. There are five basic safety principles that must be part of any successful safety program: management commitment, employee involvement, worksite analysis, hazard recognition and employee training. These concepts are also the key components of OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program. In this revolutionary book, safety professional and motivational speaker David Lynn discusses 15 real-world, successful techniques that can be used to put these five safety principles into practice. Designed as an awareness level program for safety leaders and managers, the program will help viewers change safety attitudes and culture at their organizations.

Front Cover 07-21-10
Re-launched by David G. Lynn, CSP in February 2016, Principle to Practice sales anticipate aggressive growth and it can be found by contacting a Peak Safety Performance representative.

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