SAFE HABITS – SAFE WORK is a critical process that drives success.  Peak Safety Performance can help you score your current safety performance by evaluating 25 critical habits that drive success.  After completing a safety performance gap assessment, Peak Safety can help you implement a framework that will generate safety success.  It will build a safety culture your employees appreciate.  We can help you build a framework built on proven principles and consistent practices.  Contact information click here.




Management Commitment & Visibility
• Attend daily safety pre-planning meetings.
• Lead weekly safety audits and assessments.
• Participate in incident investigations.
• Follow up and track safety corrective action to completion.
• Initiate improvement on injury and audit trends.

Employee Involvement
• Promote easy ways to report safety hazards.
• Enable safety teams and safety champion programs.
• Encourage employees to approach others.
• Support participation with safety audits.
• Utilize employee mentoring programs.

Worksite Analysis
• Execute an effective weekly safety audit process.
• Investigate near misses, first aid, and recordable accidents.
• Anticipate risk with pre-task planning processes.
• Inspect equipment systematically.
• Analyze injury and audit trends.

Training & Communication
• Deliver effective new hire safety orientations.
• Provide effective training for all required regulatory topics.
• Equip supervisors and managers with safety leadership training.
• Communicate hazards with consistent weekly safety topics.
• Promote safety strategically with banners, posters, and key messages.

Prevention & Controls
• Develop an annual strategic safety plan with clear goals and objectives.
• Maintain all appropriate regulatory programs.
• Facilitate an effective corrective action program for safety issues.
• Implement an aggressive injury case management program.
• Perform an annual review on programs, goals, and objectives.

SAFE HABITS – SAFE WORK concepts are based on principles in David Lynn’s book Principle to Practice available here.

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