Start Every Meeting With a Safety Topic.

Principle to Practice: Safety Topics Talking Points puts 103 safety topics in your back pocket ready for use. Re-launched in January 2016, the Principle to Practice: Safety Topics Talking Points, provides confidence and content to start any meeting with a safety message.

Safety minded companies confirm that the commitment to start every meeting with a two minute safety topic builds a strong safety cultural. The integration of safety into common activities such as a meeting sends a message that safety is important and we will talk about safety in all settings. The pledge to build the culture with this process is just as important as the content because leaders establish the value of the message with the consistency of their delivery. Join successful companies in their effort to put safety in everything. Put confidence and content in everyone’s back pocket with the Principle to Practice: Safety Topics Talking Points handbook. The tool provides 103 topics that will help make people think about how to make safe decisions.

Safety Topics Talking Points re-launched in January 2016 by David Lynn, President of Peak Safety Performance. David Lynn anticipates aggressive growth and it can be found on and .
For more information on Peak Safety Performance solutions, visit or contact David at

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