Contractor Safety – Reciprocal Safety Training




“It is a client recognized & cost effective differentiator.”

“We are minimizing redundant training!”

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Industry leaders in the Upstate of South Carolina formed a Peak Safety Council for the purpose of working together to deliver standard training based on OSHA Standards and NCCER material. A collective industrywide approach reduces the amount of redundant time spent conducting site safety orientations.  When clients and contractors work together, the process elevates the contractor safety culture in our region and it provides cost effective options for participating companies.

The Peak Safety Council has two simple goals.  1) Improve the contractor safety culture in the Upstate of South Carolina.  2) Create industry recognized and approved training that saves lives, money, and time.

A collective approach that is reciprocal with industry in the Upstate of South Carolina, saves lives, money, and time!     

The Peak Safety Orientation is similar to an OSHA 10.  The class is an 8-hour course that covers a significant portion of the OSHA-mandated topics.  This class saves time and money because it minimizes redundant efforts between clients and contractors.

The Peak Safety Orientation do not relieve companies of all training responsibilities. Companies still have to provide company specific information.  However, the reciprocal Peak Safety Orientation covers information common to most industries.  The approach drastically reduces redundant training because participating companies recognize the class as the safety orientation standard.

A collective approach also creates an environment where participating industries can monitor the quality of the material and the delivery of the topics.  The standardized approach provides credibility, trust, and confidence.

Fourteen plants in the Upstate recognize the standard Peak Safety Orientation is a class we trust!

The class is offered weekly and it is open to the public.  Register here!