Contractor Safety Regional Approach


“Industry leaders have confidence in the Peak Safety Orientation.”


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In May 2016, a group of industry leaders assembled to discuss ways that industry can drive improvement with contractor safety in the Upstate of South Carolina.   This Peak Safety Council established a charter with clear goals and vision to make a positive impact.

The first goal was to standardize basic training for contractors that work on participant sites.

The Safety Council vetted and approved the Peak Safety Orientation with the intent to require contractors to go through the Peak Safety Orientation before they can work on participant sites.  The requirement is a proven concept that is implemented in multiple parts of the country.

The Peak Safety Orientation material is built on a NCCER and OSHA platform.  This provides contractors a solid foundation to know the rules and regulations required in the places they work.  

5 Advantages to a Regional Approach 

  1. A collective vision with regional companies will promote cost effective safety training solutions.
  2. Industry-wide improvements help minimize the time spent to achieve individual milestones.
  3. A focus on our common ground promotes efficiency and it saves money across the region.
  4. A standard regional approach gives a client more confidence in the process.
  5. A joint effort with manufacturing and construction provides convenient and cost effective answers.

Fourteen plants in the Upstate recognize the standard Peak Safety Orientation is a class we trust!

The class is offered weekly and it is open to the public.  Register here!