Peak Safety Orientation – Better Than an OSHA 10






“I want workers to know what I am looking for when I walk the job.”


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Nobody wants to get hurt and people want to stay out of trouble.  The Peak Safety Orientation provides a field level perspective on common topics.  The class does not waste time talking about the origin of OSHA.  The class gives you a “boots on the ground” perspective on what the “Safety Guy” or client is looking for when they walk your job. Do you see what they see?


Peak Safety Orientation versus OSHA 10

Peak Safety Orientation Topics OSHA 10 Topics
8-Hour Course (26 Topics)

Cost Per Person; $82.00

10 Hour Course (14 Topics)

Cost Per Person: $195.00

Safety Culture & Responsibility Intro to OSHA
SAFE STEPS (Applying the Standards) OSHA Focus 4
OSHA Focus 4 Hazard Communications (GHS)
Pre-Plan Your Work PPE
Hazard Communications (GHS) Respirator Safety
PPE Working Surfaces
Respirator Safety Ladder Safety
Working Surfaces Fall Prevention & Elevated Work
Ladder Safety Electrical Safety
Fall Prevention & Elevated Work Lockout Tagout
Scaffolding Safety Confined Space
Electrical Safety Emergency Response
Guarding Fire Prevention
Lockout Tagout Trenching & Excavation
Confined Space
Emergency Response
Fire Prevention
Pedestrian & Equipment Safety
Mobile Equipment
Arial Lifts
Cranes & Hoist
Trenching & Excavation
Welding & Cutting
Hand Tools
Bloodborne Pathogens
General Safety

Fourteen plants in the Upstate recognize the standard Peak Safety Orientation is a class we trust!

The class is offered weekly and it is open to the public.  Register here!



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